​We at Rock Solid are first and foremost decorative stone producers. We specialize in production and we distribute our landscape products through resellers around the nation as well as some international markets.  

Our primary quarries are located on our 1,000 acre property that not only has  private cliffs but fields where the Big Horn Sheep love to graze daily.  The distinctive talus slopes and abundant Pritchard bed stone found here has become sought after for its eye catching palate of blended earth tones and often striking vibrancy. It is used both for landscaping and masonry applications and can often be found cladding the main architectural features of fine homes.​

At Rock Solid we strive to give you a quality, natural stone. Our products can be used for patio designs, rock gardens, backyard landscape designs, veneer for a wall or structure, fireplaces, the possibilities are endless. Our company not only takes pride in our quality natural landscape stone, we also take pride in our natural surroundings. We take special care to preserve the integrity of the mountain and the local wildlife. If you are interested in buying our stone we have a list of distributors in your local area
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